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NAME: Hope Estheim
CANON: Final Fantasy XIII
AGE: 14
GOD | MYTHOLOGY: Horus | Egyptian
Slaine Troyard | Ryoki 瞭器

POWER: Light Manipulation (Last Resort spell, KH-esque, Infamous Second Son-esque)
BIRTHDAY: February 14 (headcanon)
TEMPLE: Horus' Archaeopolis
This patch of land seems to be a mish-mash of futuristic and ancient, which will be even more apparent is one were to venture further. Despite the forbidding ruins littering the ground, they are rather cheery on the inside, with bright color schemes, and the (surprisingly small) main building where the god lives in the middle of the chaos contains homey, comfortable furniture and several light sources, as well as high-end pieces of technology that appeal to the god residing there. Images of birds of prey, especially falcons, are prevalent in the decor, especially in the rooms surrounding the god's private quarters and any shinki in residence.

~ ~
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Name: Hope Estheim
Canon: Final Fantasy XIII

Backdating: Things with me can drag on for a long time due to timezone issues, so this will be invoked a lot.
Threadhopping/jacking: As long as the thread isn't locked or filtered, yes.
Breaking the 4th wall: Stuff like "Hey, you're a l'Cie, aren't you?" are allowed, but nothing about being a fictional character or being in a game world, please. RPG characters are delicate creatures.
Offensive subjects: Personally, I don't mind, but he does have a lot of triggers. If we touch on that in a thread, I'll be sure to let you know.

Hugging: Go right ahead, though he'd be very very leery of it from people he doesn't know.
Flirting: He's too young for that.
Kissing: I will draw the line at kissing his cheek or forehead, and only in platonic situations.
Sexual situations: Nope denied. He's too young.
Romance/relationships: Puppy love is as far as I'll allow, the rest? Nope.

Violence: Yes, you may pick a fight with him, but he will fight back.
Injury: If you want this to happen, poke me and we can plot it out. However, I draw the line at maiming/permanent loss.
Murder: No.
Telepathy/mindreading: It all depends on the situation. Just please let me know before playing it out so I can give the okay.

Anything else: Any questions/clarifications? Want to plot? Hit me up!


Feb. 19th, 2012 01:18 pm
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This is a concrit post for Hope Estheim of Final Fantasy XIII. If you have anything to say about the way I play him, feel free to leave a comment here.

Comments are screened, anon is on, and IP logging is off.


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